Welcome fellow classmates!   We hope you enjoy our class website.

The purpose of this website is simply to bring our class together.

Here are some of the website’s features:

  • The class roster . Some names are linked to email addresses. If you wish to share your email address with the class please contact us.
  • Senior portraits from the 1965 Yearbook
  • A Gallery of photos. Send us three of your best shots.
  • BBQ photos going back to 2007
  • A “Great Photos” page. Check this one out.
  • A “Where are We Now?” page where you can tell your story and share a favorite photo.
  • Replies or Comments can be left on any page
  • A list of Missing Classmates
  • Contact information for the Website Team
  • An “In Memory” page where we honor those who have passed away
  • Coming events (see sidebar)
  • The Blog.”  The latest information on our next BBQ is posted here.

We invite you to contribute to this website. Please contact us with your ideas.

9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Love checking the website–but could we have most recent comments/information first–then I won’t have to scroll past all the 2011 comments to get to the 2013! (I guess I am lazy!)

  2. It’s wonderful to read the comments and see the pictures. We plan to attend the reunion at Peggy’s and would be glad to help. Richard volunteers to BBQ if that’s needed!

  3. I guess you have to be smarter than the computer. I figured it out, yea !!!!!!
    Thanks this is awesome.

  4. Wow! This so awesome! I know I didn’t graduate from Pius (ended up at Paramount) but I remember so many of u. Great job on this site!

    • Hi Yvonne,

      Gosh, my friend it has been so long.
      How are you and where are you living?
      I am in Northern California not far from Lake Tahoe.

      Drop me a note. Jeanie and I just mentioned you in an e-mail.

      Looking forwasrd to hearing from you.
      Laurie XO

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