Sister John Mary’s Chemistry Lab

One day in lab we were using Bunsen Burners to heat a solution.  Sister John Mary patiently showed us how to attach the rubber hose to the gas outlet, adjust the burner valve, turn on the gas and then light it with one of those flint starters.  I had just got mine started when one of my fellow classmates, not to be named, but I think his initials were JW, decided to light the gas at the gas outlet.  He was successful.  A blast of fire shot out in an L-shaped plume that scared everyone half to death including Sister John Mary.  I could feel the heat coming from the flame.  Our teacher quickly turned off the gas.  I don’t remember the rest of the experiment.

5 thoughts on “Sister John Mary’s Chemistry Lab

  1. If the hypothetical memory about the bunsen burner were to be true and if that JW person is someone that I know well, I want to reply on his behalf that he “does not specifically recollect this event ever taking place”

  2. The gas jets in chemistry were a source of a few mishaps. I also remember a student (I will give you his name for money) who attached the rubber tube to the gas jet, turned it on, lit the gas and proceeded to attacked the people sitting close enough to him to be reached.

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