Who Came to Our Last Bakersfield BBQ?

ANNUAL BAKERSFIELD BBQ  Saturday, September 27, 2014

These are the people who came to the last and BEST of the
Pius X Class of ’65 Annual Bakersfield BBQ’s.

Joe & Nikki Meckes Chiasson
Peggy Horany Miller
Dianne Hoffman
Linda LeClair Grey
Mary Russo Travers
Bette Schleich Sharp
Kathy Roth Wolfe
Ed Van Lierop
Dave Miller
Kathy Hawkins Bush
Kathi Gildea Budds
Cheryle Brandon Browning
Linda McFarland Mehlbrech
Yvonne Cassayre Hudson
Eva Mae Connell
Trudy Bruinsma Coughlin
Rick Sanchez
Kathy Minnick Rossi
Don Bonnar
Chris Ruiz Granado
Margie Nevares Wodds
Kim Applegate Carter
Darrell Bandur

Total = 30











Our Next BBQ

OK – we thought the 51st reunion/party at Rick and Cindi Sanchez’s house was going to be our final one. Well we (meaning me) were wrong. Everyone that attended had a wonderful time both at the Saturday event and the Friday evening dinner, that Rick and Cindi offered to have one next year for our enjoyment (what wonderful hosts they are).

So on Saturday August 19, 2017 we will have our 52nd reunion/party at Rick and Cindi Sanchez’s house, and for early arrivals we will have dinner on Friday August 18, 2017.

The fun and good feelings shared at these events cannot be easily described, but if you talk to someone who has attended you will get some idea.

More detailed information will be sent out via e-mail, so if I don’t have your current e-mail address, please let me know at tildon@thegrid.net.

Thank you all for keeping this going and especially thanks to Rick and Cindi Sanchez for their outstanding hospitality.

Sorta makes you want to pay attention to this website and the informational e-mails that will provide more details.

Please check Pius X Class of ’65 e-mails for more information.

This looks GREAT!!

Just a few words to say about the great new web site that Phil Magallenes has developed. His enthusiasm is catching and we (on the team) greatly appreciate his time and effort. Hope you all agree! Please, let us know if we missed anything. Please send in your “Where are we now” contributions. I know I am interested in all of you.
Dianne Hoffman