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Joe writes:

I feel I must give you some history on how we got to this point – the people who are behind this feel we had a pretty good group of people in our class, and as the years go by, we don’t want to forget or lose contact with our friends.

Dianne Hoffman started putting information together as early as the late 1960’s and early 70’s. If you remember, the computer and internet at that time consisted of a pencil, paper and telephone. Dianne spent many hours trying to locate our classmates and keep in contact. Without her work we would not be where we are at today. Dianne is still active locating classmates and helping with our website.

Sharon Orsuga Kaspar had a dream about twenty years ago of bringing together the class from St. Emydius that led to the high school class of 1965. Sharon got help from Dianne in putting together classmate information and spent many hours gathering data, contact phone numbers and addresses. The event was more oriented towards the Pius class of ’65, so more information was available for our class. Sharon continues to try and locate members of our class that have disappeared. She spends lots of time and money in tracking down leads to our classmates. It is truly a labor of love for her.

Joe Chiasson, I tried to keep in contact with fellow classmates and when I retired found that I had a greater opportunity to do something about it. With the help of Dianne and Sharon, I started putting together an e-mail list to invite people to my house for a Reunion BBQ. The event has been going on for eleven years now, is a great success and everyone that attends has a great time. Our contact list has grown over the years and more and more interest is shown every year. We are able to keep in contact and share class related information with over a hundred and sixty five of our fellow graduates.

Phil Magallanes was contacted through Sharon’s efforts and when he saw what we were doing informed us that he could really help us get information to and from our class by setting up and designing a website for our class. This is the vehicle that allows us to more accomplish our goal of keeping our class together. Phil is working on ideas to keep the website fresh, growing and interesting.

We are available for comments and ideas, so please contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Joe Chiasson

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