In Memory

We grow up ready to take on the world feeling we are immortal, with our lives ahead. As we get older, the realities of life come upon us. We realize that the cycle of life includes passing from this world. This page is to honor our fellow classmates who have passed on ahead of us, so that we can remember them in our minds and in our hearts.

  • Mary Charlene Apel
  • Tim Balderama
  • Ted Booze
  • James Brunkala
  • John Coy
  • Richard Cracknell
  • Barbara Cummings
  • Charles Darensburg
  • Bob Davis
  • Tom Dorsey
  • Timothy Duffy
  • Diane Dwyer Childers
  • Albert Escobedo
  • Frank Fiaeta
  • Susan Gerry
  • Roger Goins
  • Linda Halbasch
  • Pamela Higginbotham
  • Alana Krams
  • Linda LeClair Heitz
  • Paul Magdaleno
  • Imre Mandoki
  • Jeanine Miller
  • Francis O’Neill
  • Jenene Petrone
  • Vicki Rausch
  • Anthony Ricottone
  • Armando Rodriguez
  • Ronald Roque
  • Catherine Rose
  • Richard Vagnone
  • Joseph Valenzuela
  • Gary Venturini
  • John Wright

If we have missed listing anyone, please let us know.

2 thoughts on “In Memory

  1. I knew Jim Brunkala from Loyola. We worked together at the radio station there, & he was always great to be around. So sorry to hear he passed.

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