Who Came to Our Last Bakersfield BBQ?

ANNUAL BAKERSFIELD BBQ  Saturday, September 27, 2014

These are the people who came to the last and BEST of the
Pius X Class of ’65 Annual Bakersfield BBQ’s.

Joe & Nikki Meckes Chiasson
Peggy Horany Miller
Dianne Hoffman
Linda LeClair Grey
Mary Russo Travers
Bette Schleich Sharp
Kathy Roth Wolfe
Ed Van Lierop
Dave Miller
Kathy Hawkins Bush
Kathi Gildea Budds
Cheryle Brandon Browning
Linda McFarland Mehlbrech
Yvonne Cassayre Hudson
Eva Mae Connell
Trudy Bruinsma Coughlin
Rick Sanchez
Kathy Minnick Rossi
Don Bonnar
Chris Ruiz Granado
Margie Nevares Wodds
Kim Applegate Carter
Darrell Bandur

Total = 30











Our Next BBQ

The Last Annual Bakersfield BBQ was a tremendous success – a wonderful
time was had by everyone who was there. Once again words cannot describe
the feelings that everyone had at seeing old friends (some new ones) and
and catching up on 49 years worth of news.

As I said earlier the information on the 50th Reunion would be first given out
at the Sept 27 BBQ, and it was. The second place to receive the information
would be on this website – so here it is (drum roll please)…..

The Pius X Class of ’65 50th Reunion will be on Saturday September 12, 2015
at Linda LeClair’s house in Pacific Palisades. For registration and information go
 to www.piusx65.com .

Sorta makes you want to pay attention to this website and the informational e-mails that will provide more details.

Please check Pius X Class of ’65 e-mails for more information.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

I remember the day that the president was shot.  Father Kramer, our principal at the time, announced on the PA System: “We have just received word that our president has been shot.”  I remember a sudden gasp from the room.  Sister John Mary brought her hand to her face.  For the first time that morning, the class became quiet.  A few minutes later, our principal was on the PA again:  “Our president is dead!”  More gasps and now there was a sudden stillness.   In not too long we had our lunch period.  Words were exchanged, but there was a reverence for our president that made us speak softly.  There was no yelling or running from place to place.  A solemnity came over us that was very unusual for high school students on their lunch break.  I remember talking to Joe Cole.  There was little to say.

I often wonder why we became so quiet.  Were we finally old enough to understand the significance of what had happened?  Or did we simply feel that there was something incredibly wrong with the idea of someone shooting our young and popular president?

This looks GREAT!!

Just a few words to say about the great new web site that Phil Magallenes has developed. His enthusiasm is catching and we (on the team) greatly appreciate his time and effort. Hope you all agree! Please, let us know if we missed anything. Please send in your “Where are we now” contributions. I know I am interested in all of you.
Dianne Hoffman

Sister John Mary’s Chemistry Lab

One day in lab we were using Bunsen Burners to heat a solution.  Sister John Mary patiently showed us how to attach the rubber hose to the gas outlet, adjust the burner valve, turn on the gas and then light it with one of those flint starters.  I had just got mine started when one of my fellow classmates, not to be named, but I think his initials were JW, decided to light the gas at the gas outlet.  He was successful.  A blast of fire shot out in an L-shaped plume that scared everyone half to death including Sister John Mary.  I could feel the heat coming from the flame.  Our teacher quickly turned off the gas.  I don’t remember the rest of the experiment.