Where are We Now?

Where are We Now?

This page will allow our class to share their story. The emphasis will be on our current situation and the events leading up to it

Please send your story to Phil Magallanes

We begin with Jim Marxmiller.

As you can see I’m enjoying my current favorite pastime. This is up at Bailey Creek, a course near Lake Almanor.

For 42 of the last 44 years I’ve lived in Northern California. I came back to the LA area briefly around 1970 and again in 1998. The second time to start a new business and life after selling off everything in 1997 (long sad story). It didn’t take long to realize I missed the small town atmosphere and I came back to Chico California where I’ve spent 33 years of my life.

I have three sons, two grandson’s and one granddaughter. With the help of the poor economy, I “retired” a little earlier than planned back in February 2010, but now I can get a little more golf accomplished. Before I had a hip replacement in 2007 my passion was softball. I played for 30 plus years and traveled a bit with some teams to play in tournaments for old guys (over 50) that was great fun.

My profession started in the early 70’s and continued with various companies and eventually with my own business for about 12 years. I was an office machine technician on everything from copiers to computers to networks and websites. I also owned and operated a small copy business (think UPS Store or Fedex Office) that also got me into some retail sales experience.

I made it to one Pius X BBQ in 2009 and hope to make another one soon. It was great fun. That was my only contact with classmates since our 20th class reunion. If anyone makes it up this way and would like to catch up or even go play a little golf, feel free to email me to make plans.

Here is the story of Joe Chiasson.

I have had a very interesting life so far.

After high school I was almost killed in a car accident, and it changed the direction my life was headed. I married and got a job with the Post Office until I could find a real job. Well, as they say, stuff happens and I ended up making a career of it and found myself as the Director, Finance for the Bakersfield Management Sectional Center in charge of 95 post offices covering 35,000 square miles.

When I retired I was able to devote my time to personal issues. I got extremely fortunate and renewed my friendship with Nikki Meckes from our class, and we talked more and more and finally got married. During this time I saw a need to keep our class together (we really did have some wonderful people that we went to school with) and with the help of Sharon Orsuga Kaspar and Dianne Hoffman, put together our annual reunion BBQ. Then with Phil Magallanes we put together the class website.

I have one son who is a Senior Special Agent with the BNSF Railroad, and Nikki and I spend our time going to the theater (yes they have lots of live theater in Bakersfield) visiting friends in Montana and going on various trips (Las Vegas has seen us a few times).

You are very welcome at my house if you are close to Bakersfield and, of course, hope to see you at the Annual Pius X Class of ’65 Bakersfield BBQ.


Here is my story – Phil Magallanes

I had worked for many years at Hughes Aircraft and then Raytheon in the El Segundo area. But by early 2006, both my parents who lived in Lynwood had passed away. Years earlier our two daughters had left the nest. My wife’s employer decided to pack up her business and move to Arizona. I was retired so we decided it was time to move.

We had four choices:

  1. Move to Temecula. The weather was great. They had new homes for sale at very reasonable prices and there were vineyards everywhere. Neither of us knew anything about wine, but we just liked the idea.
  2. Move to the Bay Area. Our oldest daughter lived in Redwood City with her husband and our new grandson.
  3. Move to the Seattle area. Our youngest daughter lived there. My brother and cousin with their families also lived there.
  4. Stay where we were.

Lyn and I decided to move to the Seattle area. The cost of housing was reasonable and there were a total of 22 family members in the area. It was a big move for us because we had lived most of our adult lives in Southern California. But in February of 2007 we sold our La Mirada house and two cars and flew up to Seattle. We settled in a community on the Eastside called Trilogy at Redmond Ridge. It turned out to be a good move. We participate in Trilogy Birders (I’m the coordinator), Ballroom Dance, and the PC club. We even joined a parish called Blessed Teresa of Calcutta in Woodinville, WA. Our house is surrounded by forest and wetlands. Please see my blog at www.pgmagallanes.com/wordpress.

Now it is Dianne Hoffman’s turn.

I spent 31 years working for the Bell system in its several iterations. I retired in 1996 (lucky me) and moved on to my many hobbies. When I retired, I was a digital electronics tech and as such was able to hire on to train the people who were moved up to my job. I found that I really loved teaching so I have spent the majority of my retirement teaching and training in different environments.

I spent 35+ years with my soul mate, Carl and he always encouraged whatever new endeavor I got into. I lost my husband in 2009 and I have missed him terribly.

I was very active in my union, Communications Workers of America (CWA) and that also translated into my new life. I spent a year on the Orange County Grand Jury and I have pursued many new experiences with that interest. Currently, I am a Director and the Treasurer of the California Grand Jurors’ Association, a statewide group of past grand jurors. I am one of the trainers of new grand jurors who are impaneled in every county in the state annually. I am on the board of my homeowners’ association where I am also the Treasurer. And, yes, I still live in Orange County!

Here is a picture of Kathi Gildea Budds and I at her son, Tom’s wedding. Still friends after 50 years!

I quilt, I watch Nascar and football (Go Boise State!), I do genealogy, knit, crochet and, oh yes, play World of Warcraft (For the Horde!). I have been involved in every reunion of our class with different people at different times and all have been great experiences. I guess that is why having a party at Joe and Nikki’s every summer is so much fun and I wouldn’t miss it. Thanks to Sharon and Joe and Phil for helping to keep our class vibrant and in touch. Come to Bakersfield in August and see what it is all about!!

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  1. I cannot attend the reunion and was looking for where to post information about what I’ve been doing. I’ll start on this site and continue until I run out of room. Most know I joined the Daughters of Mary and Joseph, went through the Novitiate (3 years training to be a nun) in Palos Verdes and taught two years as Sister Mary Eileen – ‘sme’. I left the convent and continued to teach in Catholic school as I pursued my degree/credential. In need of funding for college, I joined the Navy for the G.I. bill. I completed boot camp in Florida and was stationed in Corpus Christi, Texas. Just like Maria von Trapp from The Sound of Music, I married a man who had 7 children. to be continued but I’m not sure where. How do I get to the site to be used for the reunion?
    Help! Eileen

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