Match - Tom/guitar,sing Mark/guitar,sing Tad/mandolin,sing + I’m no match for amazing things, but that don’t mean I don’t love you.

Tested - Tom/guitar,sing Mark/guitar,sing Tad/mandolin,sing + We’ve all been low before, I know I Have.

Wilshire - Mark/guitar,sing Tom/harmonica Tad/mandolin,sing + Take a trip down Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, and see it all.

Recovery - Tom/guitar,sing Mark/guitar,sing Tad/mandolin,sing + Faith, Hope, Love.

Better Man -Tom/harmonica,sing Mark/guitar,sing Tad/percussion+Step out to be a better man.

Blues Run -Tom/guitar,harmonica Mark/guitar Tad/percussion + Instrumental Manassas style.

Second Wind -Tom/guitar,harmonica,singMark/guitar,sing+The life we knew was bound to end.

Red Rox - Tad/guitar,sing Mark/guitar, harmony Tom/harmonica+Blue sky and red rox-sweet.

Pulse & Buzz- Mark/guitar,sing Tom/harmonica,twanger + Nothing like live music you can feel.

Pacific Crest – Tom/guitar,sing Mark/mandolin,sing + Hiking through California’s Mountains.

Third Wind – Tom/guitar,sing mark/guitar,sing + Live full, no regrets, don’t stop, don’t forget.

Wet Grass - Mark/ guitar, mandolin, sing Tom/ twanger, harmonica Tad/banjo + Blue grass gets wet in the Washington Rain

Seeing You Monday-Tom/guitar,sing Mark/guitar,harmony Tad/percussion,harmony + Monday always comes, even after a crazy week end.

Western Stories-Mark/guitar-sing Tom/ harmonica +Tales of the west-Louis Lamour-take a ride with a cool mandolin player

Just Us- Tom/guitar,sing Mark/guitar,harmony + It's all we have and all we need.

New Nation -Tom/guitar,sing Mark/guitar, sing +There is hope for a better future if we go for it!

PRIMO is the best of: Pacific Crest, Coffee at Night, Third Wind, & New Nation.}


Tom "Wind" Domenici- guitar, harmonica, twanger, sing

Mark "Mag" Magallanes- lead guitar, mandolin, sing

Tad "Rock" Tellers- percussion, mandolin, banjo, sing