The Home Page includes a list of all the birds that have been spotted at Trilogy and the surrounding trails.

To see a bird photo, click on the name of the bird. A new window will open. To close the window, click on the “X” on the top right of the window.

If you wish to ask a question or report the sighting of a new species, please click on the “Contact” menu item above and submit the short form.

I will submit the bird and details of the sighting to the steering committee for consideration. If approval is given, the new species will be added to the list. Photo evidence of a new bird is always appreciated.

The “Help” section on the right has a link to the Cornell Labs’ Tricky IDs webpage.

You can always leave a comment or reply at the bottom of any page.

2 Responses to FAQ

  1. Cecilia Bordenet says:

    Woodpeckers are destroying my neighbor’s deck. We don’t have any feeders out, but the woodpeckers keep coming. Any suggestions?

    • TrilogyBirder says:

      Our Woodpecker expert at the January meetings was asked a similar question. He thought that the most possible explanation was Carpenter Ants. They may be hard to locate, but the woodpeckers can find them.

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