24 Responses to Sightings

  1. TrilogyBirder says:

    Bettyanne Dickey saw this Great Blue Heron snuggled up in the tree right next to her house!

  2. Joyce Meyer says:

    Joyce and Mike have many birds at their feeder. They just put out a second feeder to accommodate the rush. Current visitors include: Dark-eyed Junco, House Finch, Black-capped Chickadee, Pine Siskin, Evening Grosbeak, Pileated Woodpecker, Northern Flicker, European Starling, Red-winged Blackbird. All three hummingbird feeders are busy with Anna’s Hummingbirds. Bringing in their feeders overnight keeps the solution room-temperature and ready to go in the early morning as the hummingbirds come out of torpor.

  3. Joyce Meyer says:

    January 12, 2012 at about 5:15 p.m. as I circled around the Trilogy roundabout, a Great Horned Owl flew low across Trilogy Parkway. It appeared to be headed toward the Cascade Club/Design Center area.

  4. At 3:30 PM I visited the shallow lake that is just west and a little south of Morgan Drive. I saw close to 1,000 ducks. Most were Mallards, but there were hundreds of American Wigeons and Northern Pintails. There were about 10 Ring-necked Ducks, 1 Bufflehead (that I could see) and at least one Eurasian Wigeon. On the way back I saw a Golden-crowned Kinglet in the Alders off of Morgan Drive.

  5. Grant Hendrickson says:

    Saturday, November 28, a Sharp-shinned Hawk was standing in the middle of our driveway as I pulled the car in. It was playing a deadly game with a bunch of Juncos which hang around under a neighbor’s feeder. It would try stalking on foot with no success. The Juncos stayed just out of reach.Then it would fly into the bush, still without success. This went on for about ten minutes until it finally gave up. A beautiful bird!

  6. About 500 Mallards in Duck Lake behind Morgan Drive this afternoon. Also about 100 Northern Pintails, 100 noisy American Wigeons and 1 Bufflehead.

  7. Four Gadwalls in our retention pond this morning. One male and three females. First time that we have seen them in our pond.

  8. Jim Boudreau says:

    Many chestnut-backed chickadees caching seeds from our feeder this week. Downy woodpecker enjoyed our suet, and the pileated woodpecker was back on the Doug fir behind our deck.

  9. Ruth Godding says:

    about a dozen bushtits visited my maple tree in front of my kitchen window this lunch time. They enjoyed snacking on the seeds and then were gone as quickly as they arrived.

  10. Grant Hendrickson says:

    On the afternoon of October 28, amongst several thousand Canada Geese in the field at the east end of the Sikes Lake bridge, there were several Greater White Fronted Geese and several Cackling Geese, both quite close to the road.

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