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  1. There was a flock of at least 100 Violet-green Swallows over our house at sunset chasing what appeared to be a swarm of insects at tree-top level. There were so many swallows that they reminded me of the swifts at Monroe. This is the second evening that we have seen this happen.

  2. Joyce Meyer and Mike West says:

    March 19, 2014. Saw the first of the season female Rufous Hummingbird this morning. The first male arrived March 8. There are at least two males frequenting the 3 feeders. Anna’s Hummingbirds continue to be plentiful.

  3. The swallows have returned. Spring is just around the corner!

  4. Ruth Godding says:

    13 Trilogy Birders participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count on February 15th. We walked Trilogy Trails to Kari’s Bog overlook and back to the clubhouse in cold but fine weather, the rain held off for us.
    We saw or heard the following birds:
    6 Canada geese
    2 Mallards
    1 Anna’s hummingbird
    2 Hairy woodpeckers (male and female)
    1 Pileated woodpecker
    2 American crows
    3 Black-capped chickadees
    2 Chestnut-backed chickadees
    1 Brown creeper
    2 Bewick’s wrens
    1 Pacific wren
    11 American robins
    1 Golden-crowned kinglet
    1 Ruby-crowned kinglet
    9 Spotted towhees
    3 Song sparrows
    7 Dark-eyed juncos
    5 Red-wing blackbirds
    Thanks to everyone who participated.

  5. TrilogyBirder says:

    Late this afternoon, my wife and I walked along Duck Lake (behind Morgan Drive). We saw approximately 1,000 Mallards, 200 American Wigeons, 50 Northern Pintails, and a few Northern Shovelers, Buffleheads, and Hooded Mergansers. There should be more ducks next month! -Phil

  6. TrilogyBirder says:

    On Sunday, June 10, Joyce Meyer reported:

    Today, while on our afternoon walk around our local streets and in the forest behind your house, Mike and I first heard then saw 2 Pacific-slope Flycatchers. The flycatchers were in the forest on the edge of the lake, toward the south corner as you walk the inside path.

    The Pacific-slope Flycatcher is #117. Congratulations to Joyce and Mike!

  7. TrilogyBirder says:

    On May 2, a male Brewer’s Blackbird landed on the roof of the Cascade Club. Grant Hendrickson saw him. #116 for Trilogy Birder’s.

  8. Joyce Meyer says:

    Mike and I were just finishing our “walk around the block and through the woods” when we saw a Townsend’s Solitaire in the yard at the corner of Morgan and 231st, the house on the west side of the street. This was about 5:30 p.m. on the 14th.

  9. Joyce Meyer says:

    This morning, March 26, I saw a male and female Rufous Hummingbird at the feeders. This is the first sighting of them for the season and they are late arrivals compared to the usual arrival of around March 10-15. It was exciting to see them along with the Anna’s Hummingbirds that frequent the feeders.

  10. Kris Flugstad says:

    Is anyone going to Ocean Shores to see the snowy owls? So amazing to watch on the news the other night!

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