Christmas 2010

On Christmas Eve we sang in our parish choir.  I sang Tenor and Lyn sang soprano.  I had the most trouble with the Christmas Carols because we didn’t have time to practice them.

On Christmas, we had a dinner at our house to include my brother and his wife and his two daughters and their families and my daughter and her husband and her husband’s brother.  Lyn prepared a ham and a wonderful vegetable dish with brussel sprouts and cranberries.  A great time was had by all.  Afterwards, we played Taboo.  Carol, my favorite niece, was the winner many times over.  Her lightning fast responses were hard to beat.  The photos above document the festivities.

3 thoughts on “Christmas 2010

    • They are quite complicated. It would take a book to completely describe all the criteria. However, I should note that in this very special case, I have two favorites nieces: Carol and Sandy.

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