Super Powers

If you could have any super power, which would you choose?  For the purposes of this discussion, the following powers are allowed: super-strength, super-speed, mind reading, super-intelligence, flight, and time travel with a space transporter.  Sorry, no ice generation or flame throwing.  So which would you choose?  Super-strength and super-speed would be nice if you wanted to be a super hero.  Mind reading would be interesting, but really scary.  What if I could tell what people were really thinking?  I suspect I would lose all my friends in a hurry.  What if other people could read my mind?  Now that would be downright embarrassing.  People would probably throw me out of their house on a regular basis.  Some would not let me in their house.  Super intelligence would be helpful.  But I really can’t imagine what it would be like because, right now, I have average intelligence.  I believe I would choose time travel with a space transporter.  My apologies to Dr. Einstein, but I would have to set some rules.  The time and place where I visited would have no knowledge of my presence.  I could not talk to anyone and no one would be able to see or hear me.  But it would still be a super experience.

So where would I go?  In this case, of course, we are talking about time and space.  I can think of many places.  First, I would like to play baseball with my Dad again.  He would take his sons with him to Lynwood Park, or one day, he took us to Chavez Ravine before Dodger Stadium was built.  He was a great pitcher, or so it seemed to a six year old.  Sometimes he would hit us fly balls.  There was nothing in the world that was more fun than catching one of his deep flies to the outfield.Mom and Dad at Beach

Next, I would like to be in front of our house when I was five years old.  I was flying a kite and all the string was out, the kite was flying almost straight up.  “Look Mommy.”  Look at my kite!”  My mom peered out the window and looked up.  She seemed very happy with her little boy.

And then I would like to be two years old on the rug rolling the ball back and forth to my grandfather.  I remember the smell of the linseed oil from his paints and the faint outlines of the room, but I would love to be there again.  It seemed like the happiest place on earth. Grandfather Candelario

Where would you go?

3 thoughts on “Super Powers

  1. Phil, I’m glad I checked your blog site! Have you found a way for us to receive automatic e-mail notifications? I don’t want to miss these!
    Where would I go? Back to Big Bear Lake on summer vacations, where everything looked so different and new. Also back under the night sky, when you and I explored the universe and came to terms with something much, much larger than us!

    • Dave, The RSS feed should work, but I haven’t tried hard enough to find the answer to your question. Others have the same concern. BTW, getting our first look at the Rings of Saturn is something I will never forget.

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