The Bobcats and the Dragonfly

Still recovering from my stay in the hospital, I was walking around the neighborhood to soak in some sun.  As I made my way up 231st Ln NE I noticed a murder of crows making a big fuss over something.  I turned down the hill at NE Devon Way and the noise increased.  As I approached Morgan Drive I knew there was something wrong.  The crows would not stop their noise making.  I turned north on Morgan Drive.  As I approached the wetlands just north of Peggy’s house I saw the problem.  There were 1, 2 no 3 bobcats lounging in the trees.  This was my first sighting of a bobcat here at Trilogy, so I called Lyn to bring me my camera and binoculars.  Soon she came jogging up the hill.  The cats were deep in the shade but I was able to get a few photos.  They seemed to be having a very relaxing afternoon despite the ruckus of the crows.


Bobcat at highest Location


Same bobcat looking down


Is that mom on the left?


Cat on lower right

After alerting two sets of neighbors, we decided to retreat to our house.  On the way back we noticed another carnivore, a Cardinal Meadowhawk  (small orange dragonfly).  These dragonflies, especially the males, tend to pick a perch and stay there.  Some will return to the same perch day after day.


Lyn took this photo of a Cardinal Meadowhawk

That was enough excitement for one day.  Back to my Sci-Fi novel.

3 thoughts on “The Bobcats and the Dragonfly

  1. What an incredible treat! The first year I lived here, I saw a grown bob cat at the head of the Palisades Trail in the early morning as I was taking my garbage out. I thought THAT was lucky, but this . . . Wow! Thanks to you both for the presence of mind to get the camera and record these beautiful animals.

  2. Obviously, they are unimpressed by our moving into our neighborhood. How lucky for us that you recorded them.

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