Lounging with the Bobcats

Dear Readers,

The story of the Bobcats inspired my brother Mark to write a song about them. He and his friend Tom recorded this music in Tanya Studios, Lynwood, CA.

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6 thoughts on “Lounging with the Bobcats

  1. I personally have never seen Bobcats in the wild. The photos are so good!
    You can see how they were just relaxing. They must of just had a good meal.
    I should relax like that after I eat. Instead I usually play my guitar.

  2. I enjoyed that song about the bobcats very much. The music was not overdone, it was balanced with the vocals so that the listener can hear & understand the lyrics. The lyrics are really good, they describe the main characters (bobcats), what they did (lounge), and how the songwriter/performer felt about these bobcats and their lifestyle. All this, with humor in the lyrics, too.
    Not many people have new, original songs in their blogs. IMO, the blogosphere would be improved if bloggers would put some original music or even just a few verses of poetry in their commentary, perhaps just once a week to start with. Charles Osgood could be their (still living) patron saint.
    — Ann M.

  3. I really like this song! Has a great relaxing, blusey feel. What else have you written?

    Judy (sister of Jerry and Jim Brunkala & Phil and Lyn’s friend.)

  4. Phil, that song and the photos made my day start out with a bounce. The song is just so much fun, captures the look and attitude of bobcats.

  5. I hope the photographer (Philip) will find more beautiful wild animals on the Trilogy trails. May your eyes find them and your camera capture them in perfect light; So that I can do another fun song…

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