Destined for the Majors

I know I am a little biased, but I am convinced that my grandsons are destined for the Majors.

Let me explain.

Here is a photo of Max, age 7, fielding a ground ball:

Max fielding a hot grounder

Max fielding a hot grounder

Notice the bent knees, the low glove position, his focus on the ball. The kid behind him may as well go to sleep.

And you should see him hit.

His little brother is also a talented player.

Here is a photo of Jack, age 2, completing his swing.

Jack at Bat

Jack at Bat

Notice the transfer of weight to his right side, the rotation of his hips and shoulders, the clean follow through with his hands, his focus on the ball as it leaves his bat. His swing demonstrates pure toddler power. Ted Williams had nothing on this boy.

I admit, his helmet is a little strange, but otherwise, he is on his way to becoming the Duke Snider of Redwood City.

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