The Gratitude Challenge

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Gratitude Challenge is an interesting idea.  We are asked to list 3 things that we are grateful for and we are asked to repeat the process on 4 succeeding days.  I will change the rules just a little and make the list all at once.  It’s a long list.  Lots of things have happened in 67 years, so I will probably just list a few that strike me as important.

Most people will thank their parents for bringing them in to this world and for teaching them to be good human beings.  I am also grateful for my parents for these reasons and many more.   I can’t fathom how much they loved me.  I had the feeling that they would have done anything for me, and they did.  So I am very grateful for them.

I am grateful for all my brothers.  I will never forget the love that my brothers showed my parents during their last days.  How could I not be grateful?  And we still have great times together.

I am thankful for my teachers; almost all of them.  Somehow, they taught me the joy of learning.  They made an incredible difference in my life.

I’m grateful for my beautiful wife who brings joy to my life every day.  And I am grateful for my two wonderful daughters.  I am very fortunate to have them.

I’m grateful for my Aunt Carmen and my Uncle Nick who loved me like a son.  And I am grateful for my extended family.  I have a large one.

I’m grateful for the friends that I made from

  • High School at Pius X
  • College at Loyola University of Los Angeles
  • the choir at St. Emydius and St. Raymond
  • work at Hughes Aircraft and later Raytheon

I’m grateful for the friends that I make from

  • Blessed Teresa parish
  • the Trilogy Community near Redmond

And for the people that I encounter on the street.

OK.  So far this was easy.  Now comes the hard part.

I am grateful for the Church.  She has provided me with

  • liturgies and rituals that create a deep connection to the past
  • a community of caring and loving people who reflect the divine
  • an environment for self-reflection
  • support during life’s transitions

I am thankful for technology and the information age that has

  • allowed me to do, and continue to do, interesting work
  • connect with friends from my past

I am grateful for the art and science of photography that has

  • allowed me to connect with a distant artistic side
  • make many new friends

I am grateful for hidden talents.

I am grateful for my cousin Gary.

I am grateful for the place that I live.  As a boy, this is where I wanted to live.

And I am grateful for the country in which I live.


These are a few things that come to mind

In keeping with the spirit of changing the rules as appropriate I will not nominate anyone.  Every individual has their own life to live and will respond as they think best.

Thanks go to my friend Kathy who provided this opportunity.












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