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I continue to look for the ultimate Windows text editor.  I have tried everything currently available.  Since I can find nothing better, I am sticking with emacs.  Vim looks interesting, but I can’t see hitting the escape key every time I want to return to normal mode.  Ultraedit might be OK, but it is expensive and has almost too many features.  The only trouble with emacs is that it’s scripts are written in Lisp.  So unless you are a Lisp programmer, you have to rely on others to set things up for you.  But so far, I have every feature that I want, or almost every feature.  I would like to see an easy TAB feature to keep track of open buffers and a project management tool, but otherwise, it’s all there.  I really like the dynamic auto-complete feature.  Anyway, the search continues.

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  1. Phil, I’ll try subscribing to your blog! You express yourself well. I subscribe to a couple of other friends’ blogs who write well; one is a local artist whose work I admire. Soon I will have my own blog. I’m sure I’ll have questions! Meanwhile…write on!

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