To be a Mystic the Day Before Christmas

Here it is, the day before Christmas.  There is singing with the choir this morning and then dinner and opening presents with the family this evening.  Tomorrow there will be more dinner and more presents with the family.  I am very grateful for my family and grateful for the friends that we have made these last few years,  But there is little time to stop and reflect.  Or maybe, what I need to do is to stop reflecting and leave the world of thought for just a little while.  The mystics were great at not thinking for long periods of time.  Most of us are addicted to thinking.  We can’t let a moment go by without thinking about something.  Ronald Reagan used to say that it was torture to be in a room alone and without a book.  I guess he never learned to meditate.

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  1. Merry Christmas, Phil and Lyn! I, too, had a wonderful Christmas Eve full of family, gifts and grandsons. Like you, I seek out time to reflect and plan and wonder. Like you, I find myself drawn into the world of activity, people and distraction. I’m reading Stephen Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” It’s helping me to find balance in my life, in accordance with a personal mission statement that forms the foundation for all the decisions we make.

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