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To be a Mystic the Day Before Christmas

Here it is, the day before Christmas.  There is singing with the choir this morning and then dinner and opening presents with the family this evening.  Tomorrow there will be more dinner and more presents with the family.  I am … Continue reading

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Text Editors

I continue to look for the ultimate Windows text editor.  I have tried everything currently available.  Since I can find nothing better, I am sticking with emacs.  Vim looks interesting, but I can’t see hitting the escape key every time … Continue reading

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Making Sense

It’s Sunday morning.  This WordPress program is starting to make a little sense now.  Actually, it is too easy, and too complicated at the same time.  Like the rest of life, this program is a paradox for the user.  I … Continue reading

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So who am I?

I’m not sure. There are times when I want to be a Geek. It is great fun to play with websites and discover new ways of using editors, HTML, CSS and javascript. But there are times when I feel like … Continue reading

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